Some Hall of Fame advice for Chickillo

Linebacker Anthony Chickillo definitely considers himself a student of the game. Entering his second season, he is open to any avenue where he can learn something new, pick up tips, and continue to grow as a player.

He just never expected one of those avenues would be learning from a Hall of Fame linebacker.

Phase Two of the Steelers offseason workout program is underway.

While Chickillo was working out recently at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex, former Steelers linebacker Kevin Greene, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2016, stopped by. He ran into Chickillo and spent some time giving the young linebacker some tricks of the trade.

"It was awesome to hear what he said," said Chickillo. "He was such an approachable guy. Sometimes guys like him, who have had that success, won't spend the time to talk to you. As soon as I talked to him he was asking me questions and started telling me things he used to do. I am a football historian so it was really cool to meet him too."

Chickillo made the transition from a pass rushing defensive lineman to an outside linebacker, the same thing Greene did, making the advice even more valuable.

"He has had a lot of success at it," said Chickillo. "Any time someone who has done what he has done tells you things, gives you advice, you are going to take it in and remember what he says. I definitely enjoyed it. I like learning different ways to do things. I know there is only one way to do it and that is by working hard and studying."

And what was the best advice he got? Well, Chickillo is smart enough to not fully share the secrets Greene shared.

"He told me about 120 of his 160 sacks, it was a technique he used," said Chickillo. "He gave me tips on that and told me to start developing that kind of rush and I will see success immediately if I do that."

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