Sharing a taste of Steelers' Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to gather as a family, to enjoy spending time with the ones we love, to share stories and laughs, hugs and prayers of thanks.

This year, though, things are going to be a little different.

The gatherings are likely to be smaller because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most limited to just the people in our own homes. The stories and the laughter, the hugs and the prayers, many of them likely to be shared over Zoom rather than in person.

Even with the distance, even with a smaller group around the table, there is still that one thing that can be enjoyed.

A fantastic Thanksgiving dinner.

This year the Steelers family wants to share with you some of their favorite recipes for Thanksgiving. The wives, girlfriends and parents of our players, coaches and staff have opened their cookbooks and given us their favorites, from Kiya Tomlin's full deal on how to make a turkey, stuffing and gravy, to Greta Rooney's amazing chiffon pumpkin pie recipe that her mother used to make, to Connie Watt and Ashley Roethlisberger's top takes.

The recipes are diverse, from the main course to side dishes, appetizers to desserts, and even a special version of eggnog.

Some of the recipes yield big servings, remember they are cooking for football players, but if you are anything like me one of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes is leftovers, so just go with the flow and your small gathering can enjoy it for days.

Take a look at the over 30 recipes we are sharing, find a few, and give them a try and add a new tradition to your Thanksgiving dinner. Our players wives, girlfriends and parents, including Janet Butler, Erin Canada, Janis Colbert, Tiffany Dangerfield, Myrtis Daniel, Bonnie DeCastro, Pamela Dunbar, Cookie Edmunds, Anissa Faulkner, Julie Feiler, Jen Fichtner, Char Heyward, Pam Highsmith, Sam Highsmith, Luly Hilliard, Kendi McDonald, Dani Rhodes, Ashley Roethlisberger, Brenda Roethlisberger, Greta Rooney, Amy Sarrett, Elaine Smith, Kiya Tomin, Maddy Villanueva, Connie Watt, and Gabriella Watt, shared some amazing and unique ideas.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.

The recipes we have are plentiful, but here is just a small sampling. Take my advice, click through for all of the fantastic recipes. You won't be sorry.

Recipe - crockpot mac and cheese_anissa faulkner
Recipe - sweet potato casserole_ashley roethlisberger
chocolate eclair_connie watt
Recipe - garlic parmesean mashed potatoes_gabriella watt
Recipe-strawberry pretzel salad_cookie edmunds
Recipe - baked macaroni and cheese_sam highsmith

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