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Share your Steelers holiday traditions

With a Christmas Day game for a second consecutive season, fans across Steelers Nation are infusing black and gold into their holiday displays, plans and traditions.

Be it wearing a Steelers sweater on Christmas morning, setting up a tree full of team ornaments or going to the game in Houston with family and friends, this holiday season certainly has a football feeling to it.

Steelers Nation Unite wants to see exactly how fans are making the Steelers part of their Christmas and holiday celebrations. At, members can share their photos and stories in the Traditions section, as well as see how other fans around the world are celebrating the holidays with the Steelers.

The players have been sharing their favorite holiday traditions, as well. Be sure to follow Steelers Nation Unite on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see these videos. When members share their traditions at, they could get surprised with new Steelers gear from 47 Brand, just like the players are wearing in their holiday videos.

Also, once fans become members, they can enter for a chance to win a new package of AFC North Division Champions gear. For a chance to get rewarded in all of these ways and many more, visit and sign up for free to become an official member. Learn More

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