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Rogers: 'I love moments like that'

About that catch: Eli Rogers said he watched the replay of his clutch 20-yard catch on the final drive of Sunday's 31-27 win over the Ravens, and didn't realize how difficult a catch it actually was until he watched it again.

"I didn't think it looked like that. I really stretched out," said Rogers. "When it was live I was like, 'Yeah, I got it.' You live for those moments. That is why you play the game. I love moments like that."

Ben Roethlisberger threw to five different receivers on the final drive, including Rogers, Antonio Brown, Demarcus Ayers, Jesse James and Landry Jones. Spreading it around showed the quarterback's confidence in his weapons, and that is something that goes a long way.

"It gives the offense comfort, a sense of confidence in everybody, that everybody can make plays," said Rogers. "That is what happened on the last drive. Everybody just made plays when their number was called."  They'll be ready: This isn't the first time David DeCastro has experienced winning an AFC North Championship, being on the team that did the same thing in 2014.

But this time, there was a little something more to it.

"The division title is awesome, but the way we did it makes it even better," said DeCastro. "Playing the Ravens, the history with them having the upper hand the past couple of appearances. It is a great feeling. We have to keep it going."

And when he says keep it going, that includes this week against the Cleveland Browns at Heinz Field. The game doesn't have any playoff implications, but that doesn't mean it's meaningless.

"We have to keep the rhythm the same and treat it as normal," said DeCastro. "I have never been through something like this."

He isn't the only one who wants to keep that same approach.

"I am going to prepare like I do every week and try to be the best player," said Marcus Gilbert. "If you take the foot off the pedal, you aren't as hot. You want to stay hot.

"Whatever coach wants to ride with, but this week I am going to be glued in ready to play."  

They said it:

Cobi Hamilton on everyone stepping up the final drive:
"People don't know the work we put in in the building. We have confidence in everybody. There is no panic. We know we can play, we just go out and play."

DeCastro on the team never giving up during a four-game losing streak earlier in the season:
"Guys stuck with it. Didn't get down on ourselves. Didn't point fingers. We knew we could do it. We had faith in each other. Little things turned it around. Working together."

Gilbert on making the playoffs:  
"We earned the right to play in the playoffs. We can write our own story from here on out."

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