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Rapid Roundup - Tuesday

  • You Asked, He Answered (
    Here's another installment of Bob Labriola's "Asked and Answered." This time, Bob fielded your questions about who is the Steelers' best cornerback, the playoff picture and public opinion.
  • A Resilient Performance (Associated Press)
    There's only one word to describe the Steelers' defense in Week 15 – resilient. After allowing the Broncos' offense 27 points in just the first two quarters of play, the defense entered the second half determined to keep the opposition out of the end zone.
  • Keep Communicating (Washington Observer-Reporter)
    In order for the Steelers' defense to help get the team through the playoff push, communication will be a key contributor.
  • Further Review (Beaver County Times)
    The Beaver County Times' Chris Bradford has a further analysis of WR Antonio Brown's latest performance, along with a few other notes about the Steelers after Sunday's win over Denver.
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