Rapid Roundup - Saturday

  • Moving Forward (Steelers.com)
    LB Ryan Shazier hasn't been able to play as much as he would have liked during the first two years of his NFL career. However, he doesn't dwell on the injuries he's suffered. Instead, Shazier is moving forward and looking to make an impact with the Steelers.

The best photos of Linebacker Ryan Shazier from the 2015 season thus far.

  • Injury Report (Steelers.com)
    Take a glance at Week 13's player injuries and practice participation as the Steelers take on the Colts at Heinz Field tomorrow.
  • Another Skill (ESPN.com)
    RB DeAngelo Williams is strong and fast, two skills that are very evident when he plays on Sundays. Now, he can add another skill to the list…blocking. While many running backs are also blockers, Williams is nothing short of excellent as a 6th blocker for the Steelers when he doesn't have the ball.
  • Paying Off (Beaver County Times)
    The saying "hard work pays off" is nothing short of a true statement for WR Markus Wheaton. Wheaton collected nine catches for 201 yards and a touchdown last week, a product of his hard work and perseverance.
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