Plenty to work with

Quarterbacks Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett both emphasized in the immediate aftermath of the preseason finale how confident they are in the wide receivers' ability to beat 1-on-1 coverage.

Offensive coordinator Matt Canada is of a similar mindset when it comes to testing and potentially exploiting 1-on-1 matchups.

"Sure, you look at the guys we have out there, I feel good about that," Canada maintained.

The Steelers were able to turn 1-on-1 situations into big plays in Sunday's 19-9 decision over the Lions.

Trubisky is convinced they'll be able to keep doing so in the regular season.

"We're gonna be aggressive," he insisted. "We like our play-makers inside and out. When we get matched up in 1-on-1s we like to take advantage of those."

Canada does, too.

But he knows it'll take more than just a wide receiver beating a cornerback down the sideline and a well-timed, accurate, back-shoulder throw to consistently win in such situations.

"Offensive football is 11 guys doing their job," Canada said. "Every play's the play and you can't have one play where 'this' happens and 'I didn't quite get it.' Those guys can win on the outside but if we don't call the right play, protect it the right way, throw the right ball it won't matter.

"That's the final goal every play, to have 11 men do their job and then find success after that."

Trubisky hit wide receiver Diontae Johnson for 38 yards down the sideline and tight end Pat Freiermuth for 32 yards down the seam in the Detroit game.

Pickett connected with wide receiver Miles Boykin for 29 yards on a sideline, back-shoulder throw.

"I tell those guys all the time, they're running to win, if they're not getting stack on the DB (running ahead with the defensive back chasing) I'm gonna throw it back-shoulder and it usually works out like that every time," Pickett said.

Canada has emerged from the completion of the preseason schedule excited about what the Steelers have at their disposal at the skill positions.

"I think we're really, really talented on the outside," he assessed. "I think our skill players are really, really talented.

"You look at 'Tae' (Johnson) and (wide receiver) Chase (Claypool), (wide receiver) George (Pickens) has come on and played very, very well. Some of the other wideouts have played very well. The depth at wideout is something I'm excited about.

"Pat, his ability to make plays at the tight end position is good. And then you always talk about 'Naj' (running back Najee Harris) and what he can do. So I'm really excited about that and the versatility it gives us. We just have to do a god job blending that together."

Canada also has confidence in the trigger men tasked with getting the ball to the Steelers' play-makers.

"I'm pleased with the way all three quarterbacks have played," he said. "Obviously, until we start playing real games it doesn't count. To be standing here today, I think it worked the way we wanted it to work.

"I feel good about where we're at with those guys."