Playoff picture is taking shape

If the Steelers want to make it to the postseason, first and foremost they must take care of their own business.

If the Steelers win out, defeating the Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns over the next three weeks, they would win the AFC North based on a better overall record than the Baltimore Ravens.

There are other scenarios that could come in to play, but right now the straightest path is winning out. And that includes beating the Ravens in a Christmas day matchup at Heinz Field.

Right now the Steelers (8-5) are in first place in the AFC North coming off a win over the Buffalo Bills, coupled with a loss by the Ravens (7-6) to the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

If the season were to end today, which we know it doesn't, the Steelers would win the AFC North. But there is still a lot of football to be played.

Here is a breakdown of the standings, remaining schedules for each team in the playoff race, and the playoff picture as of Dec. 17. Division Leaders
AFC East - New England Patriots: 11-2 – at Denver (8-5), New York Jets (4-9), at Miami (8-5)
AFC West - Kansas City Chiefs: 10-3 – Tennessee (7-6), Denver (8-5), at San Diego (5-8)
AFC North - Pittsburgh Steelers: 8-5 – at Cincinnati (5-7-1), Baltimore (7-6), Cleveland (0-13)
AFC South - Houston Texans: 7-6 – Jacksonville (2-11), Cincinnati (5-7-1), at Tennessee (7-6)

Wild Card Race
Oakland Raiders: 10-3 – at San Diego (5-8), Indianapolis (6-7), at Denver (8-5)
Miami Dolphins: 9-5 – at Buffalo (6-7), New England (11-2)
Denver Broncos: 8-5 – New England (11-2), at Kansas City (10-3), Oakland (10-3)
Baltimore Ravens: 7-6 – Philadelphia (5-8), at Pittsburgh (8-5), at Cincinnati (5-7-1)
Tennessee Titans: 7-6 – at Kansas City (10-3), at Jacksonville (2-11), Houston (7-6)


*(Thru 12/17/16)


1.New England Patriots1120.846
2.Kansas City Chiefs1030.769
3.Pittsburgh Steelers850.615
4.Houston Texans760.500
5.Oakland Raiders1030.769
6.Miami Dolphins950.643
7.Denver Broncos850.615
8.Baltimore Ravens760.538
9.Tennessee Titans760.538
10.Indianapolis Colts670.462
11.Buffalo Bills670.462
12.Cincinnati Bengals571.423
13.San Diego Chargers580.385
14.New York Jets4100.286
15.Jacksonville Jaguars2110.154
16.Cleveland Browns0130.000

* - Current Division Leader

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