Players looking forward to Mexico youth clinic


When they talk about football in Mexico City, it's soccer they are referring to. But later this week it will be all about American football as several Steelers players head there to conduct a youth football camp.

The one-day camp will take place on Saturday, June 12 in Mexico City and will feature punter Dan Sepulveda and defensive end Ziggy Hood, both who have Mexican roots, as well as wide receiver Mike Wallace and cornerback Keenan Lewis.

"They know football, just not American football," said Sepulveda, who can speak Spanish even though he doesn't use it on a regular basis. "It's going to be fun. It's a little personal for me because I know my family history on my dad's side comes from that area. It will be fun from that respect. I have never been to Mexico before. It's always fun to go to a football camp and play with kids and have fun, but this one is even more special."

The camp, which is open to kids ages 7-17, will focus on the finer points of passing, receiving, blocking, punting, long snapping and defensive techniques

"It will be different to come out and see how they react to football as opposed to how we do," said Wallace, who can speak basic Spanish. "Just to see how they do the drills, how they catch the football will be different and fun. They only play soccer. I am getting excited to see how the people react to it."

The Steelers have a huge following in Mexico, making the camp a perfect fit.

"It's going to be a new experience," said Hood. "I know they know soccer. To bring football, a new sport, is going to be a wonderful experience for me and for them as well.

"Whenever you can give back, especially to a community, is always good. It comes from the heart. Hopefully kids enjoy it."

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