Players like the look of throwback jersey

When Steelers players put on their game jersey, they know that they are representing something special. They are representing an organization steeped in tradition. They are representing the city and the fans. And they are representing those who wore the jersey before them.

Among those they will be representing this year are the men who played for the team in 1934, as that year's jersey will be the team's throwback jersey for two games this season.

"I love it. You have to love it," said wide receiver Antonio Brown. "It's something special that the 1934 team wore it. You have to appreciate the value of what a Steelers uniform means. It's not about the look; it's all about the tradition and the history behind it. It's something special. It's unique and I think it's going to be something great."

The Steelers are celebrating their 80th season in 2012 and choosing the 1934 jersey allows them to celebrate the early days of the franchise.

"It's different," said running back Jonathan Dwyer. "It is something I have never worn before so I am excited about it. I think it's about celebrating the 80th season. That is what it really is all about. Hopefully the jersey will bring us some good luck."

The throwback jersey is black and gold horizontal stripes with block numbers in a white box.

"It's a throwback if I have ever seen one," said safety Ryan Mundy. "But it's nice to pay homage to the organization and the longevity and success of it. I am looking forward to wearing the uniform. I am sure some guys will have fun with it. It's a cool look. I like them."

The jersey will be worn with tan pants and black and gold striped socks, and accompanied by the traditional black helmet.

"I like the idea," said center Maurkice Pouncey. "I am probably going to swag it out during the games so I don't have a problem with it at all. You get whatever they give you and make it work. I don't think I ever wore a striped shirt, but we will see how it turns out."

The look of the jersey has drawn some skepticism as the only player who has seen it in person is running back Isaac Redman, who modeled it for the unveiling press conference.

"I haven't seen them in person, but it looks like a bumblebee and I am allergic to bees, so I have always been worried about colors like that," said guard Doug Legursky. "You can't tell too much from a picture. I think they will look different in person."

Safety Ryan Clark, who likes the look, is also anxious to see them in person, and on some of his teammates.

"It's old-school," said Clark. "I think our last ones looked really modern. I think this time they really took it back, back. Once we get them on and everyone has them on together, it will look good.

"Me, I am ready to see Casey (Hampton) in those horizontal stripes. That is the important thing."

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