Player Post-Game Reaction

For more reaction from Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu, Isaac Redman and more, click onPost-Game Reaction. QB Ben RoethlisbergerOn not being able to put the ball in the end zone early

"It's always disappointing. Offensively, you feel like you can do so much more, and you don't do it. Give credit to their defense."On scoring the game-tying touchdown late in the fourth quarter

"You have a good feeling. But, they're a good team. It's hard to win when they beat you and you beat yourself."On not being able to score on the final drive of regulation

"We were moving it, and we had a shot. Someone got, it felt like a finger, on the ball and knocked it out. After that, you're trying to throw a 70-yard Hail Mary, and that's hard. It is what it is."On not being able to have a chance offensively in overtime

"Shock. It's tough. I'm just really proud of the way a lot of guys played today. They stepped up."On seemingly not being affected by his injury in the final series

"Adreneline does some crazy things. You want to be there for your guys. You want to show them it's about heart, and that's what we did. We had a lot of guys do that today. It's unfortunate that we came out on the wrong end."On his message to his offense in the locker room

"We feel like we really have great potential to be a really good offense. I told a lot of guys that. We can be great, we just have to put in the work in the offseason. A lot of that's going to fall on me. We're young. We have to try and stay healthy and see what happens."On his thoughts on Broncos QB Tim Tebow's performance

"He played a good game. He made plays when he had to."On what he said to CB Ike Taylor

"That's between him and I, but I told him I loved him."On losing momentum after his pass to WR Mike Wallace was reversed in the second quarter

"Well, it was a big play. A lot of frustrating things happened today, and that was definitely one of them."On backup RB Isaac Redman stepping up

"I grabbed him there at the end and told him how proud I was of him. He played a grown-man game. I'm so proud of the way he stepped up and carried the load. He did a good job, and I'm incredibly proud of him."On losing in the first round

"Any loss stings for me. This one's no different. It is what it is. It's hard to put it into words right now. It's a frustrating thing."

For more reaction from Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu, Isaac Redman and more, click on Post-Game Reaction.

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