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John Fox
RE: Injuries

We had one injury in the game, Corvey Irvin, knee. Other than that we got out pretty healthy.
RE: Defense tonight
I thought defensively we were much better. We had 14 points off of returns, one punt return one interception return. Our first (team) didn't get a whole lot of opportunities. They got the ball on the short field. I think we knocked each other off, but overall I thought we did better.
* RE: Offense
I think ball security is a problem. We had the interception. We had a sack fumble and created a short field. We struggled catching punts. I thought offensively we ran the ball efficiently.
RE: Punt return for a touchdown
We had a lot of guys close. We just didn't break down and tackle very well.
RE: Memorable players in the preseason
The guy that sticks out in my mind is Goodson. I think he's been pretty steady throughout the preseason. I think Duke Robinson at guard looked improved. Kenny Moore has had a pretty consistent preseason as a receiver. Defensively, I thought Captain Munnerlyn a couple of times on returns made guys miss. I think he's improved quite a bit as a corner.
RE: Preseason injuries
I think we've had a lot of nicks throughout the preseason. I don't think we've had our whole starting group out there at all. The priority is to get guys healthy for Philadelphia. Sometimes it gets frustrating being competitive people you like to win any type of game, but keeping in mind the regular season is what people remember. Hopefully we'll get guys back this week.


Nick Hayden  
*RE: Team

We've just got to keep getting better and better and now the regular season is started, we need to come out with fire in our belly and show them who the Panthers are.
RE: Excitement on the field
That is just my character, who I am. I did it all throughout college. I'm just having fun out there. I'm trying to be the best player I can be and just trying to get better.
RE: On his play
I can definitely get better and better. I've got to make more plays, keep getting better as a player. Hopefully our defense can come through and we can improve as a whole defense.
Jonathan Stewart
RE: Being hurt
I got my teammate, DeAngelo Williams! It's my second year and I missed a lot of training camp. Good thing is I have the playbook and I have that stuck under belt. It's frustrating not being able to get out there and improve in areas that I know I can improve in and I wish I could get out there to connect with the offense, too. 
RE: Preparing to play
I've been keeping myself positive and pumping myself up.
Kenny Moore                                                            
RE: Experience at Returning
That was my first punt that I actually had an opportunity to catch. All pre-season, they've been over my head and others didn't come my way. It's understandable. You have to field them.
RE: What happened with the punt?
It drifted on me a little bit. I didn't get in front of the ball. I was kind of looking, and trying to do two things at once instead of just fielding it, and fair catching it and making a play.
RE: How comfortable are you as a receiver?
I feel very comfortable. That's what I do more than anything. It's second nature. I feel comfortable with my routes. Now it's just getting more play with the defenses and being able to read them better. I'll just keep on working on it.
Travelle Wharton                                                      
RE: Teams performance tonight
I think we're ready. Next week comes and we just got to prepare. We've got to get our communication down and be ready to play. We're going against a good football team.
RE: Playing against this defense
For us in the 3-4, we expected a lot of twists and stunts and blitzes. Just going over and repeating it in practice it really helps us out a lot. The center makes the calls up front. We just play football.
The quarterback points them out. He knows the formation and who is playing the mike position, so the quarterback points them out. The center makes the calls, and we make our calls off of that.
For us, it's been our approach for every body to just be on the same page and run off the ball and play fast and physical no matter whose back there. We know we're going to have some ups and downs. Just play hard.
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*Muhsin Muhammad                                                    *
*RE: Tonight's offense

We need to put points on the board and stop turning the ball over. But I think throughout this pre-season we have seen some blue prints of what the Carolina Panthers can be. But obviously turning the ball over and making crucial mistakes is going to hurt you.
RE: Team ready for the season?
We have enough hunger built up in this locker room. We'll definitely be ready.
RE: Kenny Moore Improving
He's been a hard worker since the day he got here. I have been impressed by his abilities and dedication. He is a guy you can appreciate because he works hard. It will pay off if he makes the team.
RE: Is the team frustrated?
I probably wouldn't say frustrated. I would say some hunger has built up here and I don't know if you can pull a lot of positives from losses but in this situation, I think you can. I think one positive thing is that this team is ready for a win. The starters who are going to play the whole season are ready to get out there and play a whole game. I can't wait for next week.
*RE: Game week prep?

The practices will be more detailed toward the opponent. The pre-season is pretty general, we normally just do basic plays. But this week, we'll look at Philly and see what our game plan is and how we want to attack them. We will be more focused and there will be more film study. 
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*Jon Beason                                                                *
*RE: Being hurt

I was going to play tonight and I didn't. But I got to be optimistic, right? Since I've been hurt before, I remember how fast I came back, and it helps me know that a quick recovery is possible. 
I don't want to miss anytime, but it happens and I will get back out there.
*Chris Harris                                                                *
**RE: Preparing for next week

It's just all about us in the pre-season and not really about what they do. We'll get ready for Philadelphia.
RE: Holes in the defense
I felt our first unit came out fast, faster than we had in the first three games. We're excited and we're ready to go next week.
RE: No Mike Vick in lineup, does it matter?
It doesn't really matter. It's nice we don't have to wear out our brains trying to defend the wild cat and defending that type of thing. But I'm glad he's not playing.

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