Opponents View: Chiefs on Steelers' D and QBs


The Steelers take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium and just like everyone else, they don't know who will be at quarterback for the black and gold.

The Chiefs gave their take on the quarterback situation and more.

Chiefs Coach Andy Reid

The Steelers prepare for the week 7 match up against the Kansas City Chiefs.

On Steelers quarterback situation:* *"Both guys are good players, so we have to prepare for both of them and make sure we're ready for both of them. I'm sure Ben Roethlisberger will be ready to go."

On preparing for a quarterback, or the system:

"You prepare for the system. They're different guys. Their games are different. They're both pretty good. Actually, they have three good ones."

On the Steelers being plus-six in turnover differential:  *"I think they're a good defense. I think Keith Butler has them up to tempo with the blitz portion of the game and fire-zone stuff. They put a lot of pressure on people and their players are making plays."
Quarterback Alex Smith **On differences in the Steelers' defense:

"Last year, it was a big deal when Coach (Dick) LeBeau left. He had been there for so long and was a staple on the defensive side. I think you can still kind of see some of his influence there, just in structure and philosophy. They have their own personality. There are kind of finding their own, I think, as the season has gone on. You can see that. The entire defense knows what they're doing. They're fast, they're extremely physical and you know it's going to be a four-quarter fight. It shows up on film. The Steelers' defense is going to be physical and they're going to play you down to the wire."

On what he expects from the defense on Sunday:
"It's going to be physical, that's always the nature of the game. From my perspective, always having played there, be ready for the pressure. The zone pressure, they invented it and still do it and do a lot of it and throw a lot at you. From a quarterback's perspective, it was always a lot to deal with."

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