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'One more day'

Joe Greene had just finished sharing his thoughts on the life of Dan Rooney, emotionally talking about the man he admired, respected and loved.

"He was a special man," Greene said over and over again.

As he was about to hang up the phone, a simple question was posed.

'Is there anything you need Joe?'

His answer resulted in something all of us desperately want.

"One more day," said Greene, his voice trailing off, barely audible and quivering with emotion.

"I need one more day."

That's a sentiment that is shared far and wide, as everyone Dan Rooney touched in one way or another would love to have one more day.

One more day to hear his stories of growing up with the Steelers organization, from bus trips as a kid to winning Super Bowls. To hear him talk about his beloved North Side neighborhood, and the City of Pittsburgh that he adored.

"A lot of people don't know he touched every single player. Nobody knows how much he meant to so many people. The Pittsburgh Steelers lost someone special and the City of Pittsburgh lost someone special."
--Jerome Bettis

One more day to see him walk into the Steelers locker room, shaking hands with every player he saw, and calling them all by name, whether they had been with the team for 10 years or a practice squad player just recently signed. He knew everyone, and greeted everyone the same.

"He cared. He cared and that meant so much to all of us, Dan always cared. He had a good heart. He was a good man."
-- Franco Harris

One more day to hear him share stories about his family, the people he loved more than anything in this world.

"He was proud of his family, all his grandkids. He was a father-figure to so many, and taught us the value of hard work, the value of giving back. He was humble through good times and bad."
--Hines Ward

One more day to hear him talk about Ireland, the place he not only loved, but made a difference instituting programs that promoted peace.

"He leaves a massive legacy which will benefit many people for the years to come."
-- Michael Higgins, President of Ireland

One more day to hear him talk about his faith, a faith that was deep, a faith that drove everything he did in life.

"You saw a real person, the depth of emotion, passion, concern."
--John Stallworth

One more day to simply say thank you to the man who touched so many, who changed so many lives, and who was someone everyone admired.

"People who came in contact with him are better people just from being around him."
--Mel Blount

The reality is, we don't have that one more day.

But we are blessed to have memories of Dan Rooney, everyone their own special memories, and ones that will last far longer than one more day.

They are memories that will last a lifetime.

"He will be missed, but his spirit will always be remembered."
--Kordell Stewart

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