NFL owners hold virtual meeting

NFL Owners held a virtual meeting this week, with the potential of adding a 17th regular season game on the agenda. Owners didn't vote to add a 17th game in 2021 but did agree to procedures if and when the NFL does add a 17th game.

"We had a lengthy discussion on this," said Commissioner Roger Goodell. "It's obviously an important decision for us. We did not take any votes with respect to committing to do it. As you know, in our collective bargaining agreement we have that right to do it. We discussed that with the players. In fact, the collective bargaining agreement, in many ways, incentivizes us to move to a 17-game season.

"But we did approve the scheduling formula, if we do go to 17 games, the and how that'll been done. We're happy to share that with you, but the ownership approved that unanimously. We spent a fair amount of time on that. It's an important decision for us and how we do it. It obviously comes in to play with respect to our future media arrangements also that we're obviously contemplating. So, I expect a decision probably will be made in that in the next several weeks. To add into that part, it's not just 17 games, it's also the length of our preseason, the number of games that we'll have, preseason games."

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