NFL Commissioner kicks off Owners' Meetings

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The NFL Owners' Meetings got underway on Monday, with Commissioner Roger Goodell making an hour-long presentation to team owners, general managers, coaches and staff.

The commissioner specifically pointed out the exemplary work done by all of the league's head coaches during the 2013 season.

"The game has never been better and it's a tribute to all of you, but it's really important for us to salute the coaches," said Goodell. "The coaches are the ones that really work to make this game great. We've changed the rules. We've removed techniques that we thought were dangerous. We've implemented new work rules and you, your staffs and your players have adjusted and we're all better for it. Thank you, coaches, for all that you do."

Goodell stressed that the best way to keep the game improving is to continue on with the integrity of it and to always put quality work on the field in a respectful manner.

"With more success, comes more responsibility for all of us to step up and lead," said Goodell. "That means staying true to the values that have sustained our success over the years – Integrity, quality, tradition, teamwork, diversity, innovation.

"Let me leave you with one thought to guide us through the future. Respect; respect for our game and those that came before us. Respect for each other – teams, opponents and game officials. Respect for our fans, our lifeblood. Respect in our workplaces for the diversity that makes us stronger. Respect for our communities and the important role we play in those communities. It's about the significance of being part of this, the shield. Let's embrace the opportunity to make a difference. We're expected to do that – by our fans, our business partners and others. We can and we will."

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