NFC coaches on leadership, pressure and more


New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin**

On the process for a coach developing leadership and can it be coached:

"You can coach them, you can teach, you can relate to values, principles. It does help when a guy has inherent skills and has the personality involved. Given the individual and qualities he brings to the table you can help him with his development.

"You coach it, you work with it, it's whether or not the individual grabs it and runs with it or not. If you have the right people they do. You are better off when it's collective and you have multiple people in the locker room who are on the same page trying to accomplish the same thing."

Philadelphia Eagles Coach Chip Kelly On his conversation with WR DeSean Jackson, who trade rumors have swirled around:
"I like DeSean, but we're going to do what's best for the team. My conversation between DeSean is between myself and DeSean. We got along well (last season). DeSean did a good job. He played 16 games for us and practiced every day. I had no issues with him.

"There were a million reports out there so I would rather have him up to date than read what's in the paper. I thought it was important at that point and time I call him so he heard it from me."

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coach Lovie Smith

On building a team in his first season after the Bucs went 4-12 last year:"I like the challenge. I think guys like to be a part of something that can be special from the ground floor.  They can say I had a chance to do that. That's what I did before…Tony Dungy coming in saying we are going to do this. I didn't know Tony Dungy. I knew about his reputation, how he would do things. I think guys know how we are going to do things and want to be a part of it."

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean PaytonOn moving a portion of the team's training camp to The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, with the remainder of it at the team's training facility in New Orleans:

"We'll have our training camp there for about a month and then come back to New Orleans. I do like the idea that it's a change. I think the climate is conducive to training and the facility that is being built is amazing. To have everything right there; the set up is very efficient and it was the vision of a few people.
We're excited to start our camp there and then get back to New Orleans."

Washington Redskins Coach Jay GrudenOn quarterback Robert Griffin III and pressure on him:"It's a pressure position, but if you add more on yourself it makes it more difficult. I am trying to take as much pressure off him as I can. He is a perfectionist and I can see it already. That's a great trait to have as a quarterback. But sometimes you put too much pressure on yourself. Those are all things we will work with."

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