Myron Memories Part 7


Steelers fans offer more of their personal memories of Myron Cope:




My name is Alex. I am 29 years old. I am from Romania. My first ever whole game I watched was Super Bowl X, and Myron Cope was there wondering how it was possible that Lynn Swann caught that ball (You surely know which ball). I also watched Super Bowl XIII, and he was there again as the color analyst. I was listening when he compared Rocky Bleier with Nijinsky.


I cried when Ernie Holmes passed away. I cried when Mr. Cope passed away.


It' s clear. I am addicted to the Steelers.




The Ironhead Rostosky story in the locker room after the Steelers beat Denver in the 1984 AFC playoffs: Pete Rostosky was an undrafted free agent offensive tackle who started on the right side , and while none of the national media gave the Steelers much of a chance, they destroyed the Broncos and moved on to play Dan Marino and the Dolphins in the AFC Championship Game.


During the locker room show after the win over the Broncos, Pete told Myron the story of being shot in the back of the head by a man who was illegally hunting on his aunt's property and that he still had buckshot under his scalp.


I have a ton of memories of Myron, but this one sticks with me because it is pure Myron Cope: always looking for the unique story.






I am a 37-year-old season ticket holder living in Dallas, Texas, originally from Greenville, Pa.  Since moving to Dallas and making these seemingly insane pilgrimages to Pittsburgh on home game weekends, I began to see a pattern of familiar faces on the flights – other crazy folks like me who think it makes sense to travel across the nation for Steelers football.


Regarding Myron Cope & his style:  You will hear people say, "You either loved him or hated him."  But I tell you this: I never knew a true Steelers fan who did not love Myron. If you ever really listened to the man, you could only come to one conclusion:  Myron truly loved the Steelers.  He was perhaps the greatest one of us there ever was.


Flying my terrible towel at half mast,

Michael Young

Dallas, Texas

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