Myron Memories Part 6


Steelers fans offer more of their personal memories of Myron Cope:


I have been a Steelers fan since around 1980. In the 1990s, I began watching religiously as I graduated from high school. I watched every televised game (because I was in Alaska there weren't many, unless they were in the playoffs or playing a West Coast team or Green Bay. Those seemed to be the local favorites. It wasn't until around 2002, that I actually got to hear Myron Cope. started the NFL Season Pass program. I had used the site previous to this for getting live information, but I had never gotten to hear the broadcast of the games. Now with a live radio option, I could hear the local announcers. I haven't missed a live broadcast since. Even my wife started following games, more because she loved listening to Myron. I just cracked up when he would start hmmm'ing and haaa'ing. He made listening to the Steelers so enjoyable, even when they were losing. I'm glad to have gotten to hear Myron, even for such a short time.

Jason Collins

Anchorage, Alaska


I think the greatest example of the love the Steelers fans had for

Myron Cope is that they listened to him at the game on portable radios, and at home with the TV volume turned down. I remember when he spoke of the idea of something to get the fans involved. Something we could carry to the park, he said, something

inexpensive, that everybody has, like a towel. Everybody bring a towel with them to the next game. Then when the Steelers are in a tight spot, we'll wave those towels and it will be like magic, to help them make the big plays. If it's a black towel or a gold towel, even better. And we weren't to wave them until they were really needed, so as not to waste the energy. They were especially needed during the playoffs season and the Super Bowl.

Thanks Mr. Cope, wherever you are.

Kay Jo Mounts

Morgan Hill, Ca.


Before the days of satellite TV in England I used to watch one hour per week of football highlights – that was all we had. Unfortunately in those days – the 1980s – the Steelers rarely were featured on the TV game. But I found that the Armed Forces Radio broadcast from Berlin could be picked up after night-fall – and so three or four times a year I could pick up the Steelers game on the radio.

Of course it was Myron who was the highlight. My favorites were always the Monday night games where I would have to take the following day off work because in the UK kickoff was at 2 a.m. and the game often didn't finish until 5:30 a.m. But it was worth it – his enthusiasm was just like a regular fan – and you could tell when he was disappointed – mm-hah Steelers have to punt.

My biggest compliment was that he could make it seem like you were there – and for a lone fan in England that was a heck of an achievement. He will be missed.

Patrick O'Connor



"This is Myron Cope on sports," gave me goose bumps every time I traveled back "home " to Greensburg. I have been living in Philadelphia since 1980, but to me, Myron is the voice of sports radio and always will be. I was lucky enough to meet him after a game years ago and have my Terrible Towel autographed. My friend from Philadelphia didn't understand how huge that was for me.

Lisa Iannamico

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