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Moore shares strong messages with WRs

Veteran receiver Lance Moore has been there, done that. The nine-year veteran has played in big games, nothing bigger than Super Bowl XLIV with the New Orleans Saints when they defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17.

So when Moore stood up in front of the Steelers wide receivers, a group that includes rookie Martavis Bryant and second-year Markus Wheaton, they listened intently. He dished out advice about staying focused on the task at hand, which this week is beating the Kansas City Chiefs, and not looking ahead.

"Lance Moore had a speech in the room last week and it just spoke volumes of our goals, visions and how we have to hold each other accountable," shared receiver Antonio Brown. "We have to prepare and minimize our mistakes to produce victories."

Brown said it was easy to listen to Moore's advice because of his resume and the success he has had.  

"He is the older guy in the room, a great vocal guy," said Brown. "Guys respect him and take him serious when he talks."

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