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Moore: 'I feel like the new kid at school'


For the last few weeks Lance Moore has been around the Steelers practice facility, taking part in the workout portion of the offseason program. But this week he is finally getting to kick it up a notch with OTAs underway and getting his first real taste of Steelers football.

"It felt great," said Moore. "Everything kind of leads up to this in the offseason and to actually get out here with the guys and running plays with the defense feels good.

"Coming in here and getting some reps before we go into training camp, before those live bullets are flying. That is what it's about right now."

Moore signed with the team this offseason as a free agent from the New Orleans Saints, and while he brings a veteran presence in his ninth season, he is still learning the ropes.

"I feel like the new kid at school all over again," said Moore. "Just getting used to how practices are run here and how things go throughout the day. I am coming here trying to work hard and show some of the young guys how to be a pro and hopefully make some plays out here."

While fellow receiver Antonio Brown is growing into a veteran leader at the position as well in his fifth season, he too can benefit from the example Moore is setting already.

"He's a quiet but confident guy," said Brown. "He's a great guy, a veteran guy. He talks a lot with his actions and is a great teammate to have on board."

One player who is helping Moore with the adjustment to the Steelers' offense is Ben Roethlisberger, as the quarterback knows the two must form a quick bond and get to know each other's nuances before the season begins.

"It's coming along well," said Moore. "That is the thing that is going to make us work well together, being in constant communication and understanding what each guy is thinking, getting on the same page.

"I think that is the most important thing for a new receiver with a quarterback who has been somewhere for a long time, doing what you can to get on the same page."

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