Mitchell: 'That is not the Steelers way'

The 4-4 record the Steelers have at the midway point of the season screams one thing to the players. And they don't like the sound of it.

"We can't be that team that is middle of the road," said Ramon Foster. "We are .500 right now. That is not acceptable for what we are trying to do."

He isn't alone in his displeasure with the record, and the sour taste it leaves.

"You can't do this at a high level and not get frustrated with the results we have been getting here recently," said Mike Mitchell. "That is not the Steelers way. Right now we are 4-4 and that is mediocre. Being a competitor you don't accept that. Our coaches won't accept that. Our ownership won't accept that.

"We have to get better. We have to continue to work. We just have to win."

The Steelers have lost their last three games and want nothing more than to turn things around this Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys come to Heinz Field.

"Winning is difficult, but it's something we are accustomed to doing and we have to get back to doing," said Mitchell. "I think we are doing all of the right things. It's not like we aren't preparing or putting in the proper amount of time. We are just not getting the results we want and that is why everyone is disappointed."

Run down: It was a rough day for the ground game on Sunday with Le'Veon Bell gaining just 32 yards on 14 carries. Foster said that falls on the offensive line.

"Blame it on the O-line," said Foster. "We have to do a better job of what we are paid to do. That is on us. We will correct it and move forward with that one and evaluate what is going on and make it better for him."

They said it:

Le'Veon Bell on why there is confidence the team can come back:
"We know we are beating ourselves. We just have to play better. We are turning the ball over. We are shooting ourselves in the foot. We know how good we can be, we just have to go out there and put things together."

Ramon Foster on if preparation is an issue:
"It's not the preparation, it's the execution of what you prepped for. We just have to be better pros in that aspect. We just have to be better. We have to be pros about it. It's making sure you are on top of your job. We have to be the best team in that stadium, at least give the best effort. We have to be on all of the time. There can't be an off button. That's how we have to move forward the rest of the season."

Ryan Shazier on how to turn things around:
"We have to all get on the same page. Some days the offense doesn't do well, some days the defense doesn't do well. Last game we got too many penalties. Everybody just needs to step up. We have to find a balance to get us back on track and the way we were playing."

Ladarius Green on his progress:
"It's been pretty good. I haven't had any setbacks or anything like that. I still would like to progress more. I am not fully where I want to be. Nothing has been a setback."

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