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McFadden now talking sports


Former Steelers cornerback Bryant McFadden, who played for the black and gold from 2005-2008 and 2010-11, was used to talking to the media during his playing days, but he also became a part of those that cover the sport near the end of his career. 

McFadden had a radio show his final season with the Steelers and then in 2012, his first season not playing in the NFL, dabbled in television and radio to gain more experience for a potential future in sports broadcasting.

It all paid off when McFadden became a co-host for 120 Sports, a Chicago-based company that provides breaking sports news via an app for smart phones as well as online at

"It's up to the minute news," said McFadden. "As soon as something breaks we have it. I give my opinion on things and it's all about giving your opinion straight and making sure the listeners understand where you are coming from. You also want to respect the individual you are talking about. Before I jump into a topic I do my homework and research to make sure I give the most accurate opinion as possible."

McFadden is providing analysis from the mindset of a player, but he won't be limited to just talking football.

"In the last month I have had to challenge myself to learn hockey, baseball, golf, NASCAR, whatever is trending and hot out there. I even had to fine tune my World Cup skills. It's making me more versatile and I like it. It shows the public I am more than just a former football player."

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