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Light at the end of the tunnel

The weekly statistics release tells the story.

So does the scoreboard.

"We have not scored enough points," offensive coordinator Matt Canada acknowledged.

Through seven games the Steelers are No. 31 in points per game (15.3, ahead of only the 14.3 Denver has managed). They're also No. 30 in total offense, No. 27 in rushing offense and No. 24 in passing offense.

But that situation, Canada maintained, is subject to change.

And will.

"This is going to be a tremendous offense," Canada insisted. "We have great talent. We have to get balls down the field to them. We have to block a little better. Our run game efficiency is coming, but it's not enough, right?

"We're gonna keep working at it. We haven't found it. We haven't found the execution. We haven't got on tape what we want to see yet."

The 341 total net yards and 33:16 time of possession the Steelers managed in last Sunday's 16-10 loss at Miami were the second-highest figures of the season in each category (behind 364 and 36:08 on Oct. 9 at Buffalo).

Canada sees progress in such developments, but not enough.

"There are things which you may not see we're getting better at," Canada said. "You're seeing some things that are there. You're seeing more fluidity but then you're also seeing some things that; we can't have a penalty on third-and-1 on a sneak play."

The play he referenced was an example of little things having a big effect on the offense.

It occurred from the Miami 15-yard line with 3:17 remaining.

Quarterback Kenny Pickett started wide receiver Miles Boykin's motion before the right side of the offensive line had completed its set into a three-point stance.

Pickett made the first down on the sneak, but an illegal shift cost the Steelers 5 yards.

And then a holding penalty cost them 10 more.

And then an interception derailed what had been a promising and potentially game-winning march from the Steelers' 18.

"What a drive, there we are; we can't have that," Canada continued. "We have to make sure that we don't get outside of our area and forget some of those fundamental things. How many times has Kenny Pickett sent a guy in motion on a play in his life? A whole bunch, but that time we weren't quite set.

The Steelers prepare for the Week 8 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles

"I think Kenny Pickett's gonna be a big-time player for a long, long time. Do I think our offense is gonna be really good? I really, really do. Are we there now? No. Is it good enough? No, and we all are aware of that.

"All you can do is just keep fighting and keep pushing and wait for the dam to break, as somebody mentioned Coach (Mike Tomlin) saying. That's what's gotta happen and until it does we're gonna be standing here and that's not where we wanna be but that's what's gotta happen."

Canada and the offensive staff continue to tweak the scheme in an effort to accelerate the improvement they're seeking.

But he also sees value in staying the course philosophically until they get it right.

"We're not walking around like everything's perfect," Canada said. "We know it's not. The thing Coach Tomlin does such a good job of is the same message, 'This is where we are. This is what it is.'

"And that doesn't mean we're not hunting schematics or can we do something different? That's not it, but there is a point of, if you change your message every week, if you do something different every week, you never get any better at it."