Lewis Conference Call



Cornerback – Oregon State University
3rd Round – 96th Overall
Keenan Lewis:

What is it like coming here with your high school teammate, Mike Wallace?

It has always been my dream to play in the NFL. It's also a dream to play with one of my best friends. Since the age of six when we played Pop Warner together, we have played together ever since.
Were you disappointed when he didn't go to Oregon State with you?

I was a little upset he didn't go to Oregon State, but he made the best choice for him and I am happy for him.
Can you cover him?

I definitely can cover him. He thinks that he can take me so now he is going to have his chance. We have been competing hard since high school.
Did you talk to him after the Steelers picked him?

Yes, he was the first one to call me when he saw his name pop up. I am about to go to his house right now to celebrate with him.
Are you familiar with Ike Taylor, who Coach Ray Horton just compared you too?

I love Ike. I have worked with Ike when I was down with Tom Shaw and he showed me what I need to work on. It is a blessing to be working with him.
Do you have a "Face Me Ike" t-shirt?

He gave us one before he left. I just tried to take everything that he had. Now I get to work with him.
Do you have the speed to play in this league?

Yeah, I definitely have the speed. I think I play faster than a 4.4. Also, I had the opportunity to go against DeSean Jackson and those type of guys. I definitely think I have the speed.
Did you and Mike have a side bet about who would get drafted first?

I thought I was going to be taken first. My name was one that popped up first on the draft lists before his. When he got picked, it was a relief for me because he has been my best friend for a long time.
What is your reaction coming to this team, and what do you know about the Steelers?

I had a chance to watch them play and I am a big fan of Ike Taylor. I was a fan of Bryant McFadden. I just like the way they play – their defense gets after it. They are out there to win. That is what I want to be a part of – a great organization.
How much do you expect to play as a rookie?

I think I am going to have a chance to play. I feel like some people overlooked me and that I was underrated. Now, I feel like I have a point to prove. I'm going to come and give 150% because I thought I was one of the top cornerbacks in the draft. I am glad that these coaches had a chance to see that.
Did you do any returning in college?
* *
No. Mike and I were kickoff and punt returners in high school. The coaches had me stay away from it in college. I still have it in me.

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