Learning the ropes at running back

As they went through the drills during the Steelers Women's Training Camp this past weekend, Sherrie Samuels had to smile. Especially when it came to the running back drills.

Sure, she knew the basics. Tuck the ball in and hold it high and tight.

There were other things she learned though, things that gave her insight into what her son does on a daily basis.

Sherrie Samuels is the proud mom of Steelers' running back Jaylen Samuels. She, along with his father Greg, has been a regular at training camp since he was drafted by the Steelers in 2018, and when she learned about the women's camp, she thought it would be the perfect thing to do this year.

"I saw the video last year of the women's camp and thought it looked like fun," said Sherrie. "I thought it would give me a little more knowledge of exactly what they do. I come from football. Husband, sons, all of that. But to be here and do a drill and see exactly what goes on is different.

"I did the four different stations. The running backs station was the best. I knew some things, the tuck and the high and tight. It was fun to do it and go through the drills. The running back position is a very important position."


Jaylen admits he didn't go down to the field and watch his mom take part in the drills because of his schedule, but he was happy that she took part in an effort to expand her knowledge and just have fun.

"She told me about it two weeks before camp and then said she signed up for it," said Jaylen. "She loves activities and being around. She comes to almost every practice like she did last year. She likes being around. I rolled past in a golf cart and saw her.

"She is just out there to get a little workout in. She knows what is going on football wise, but for her to get out there and do it physically, I don't know if she has the knowledge of those skills."

She fared just fine though. And when she was done, did what she does every day in camp, watched Jaylen practice.

"Last year we were here every day for camp," said Sherrie. "We go to every game, home and away. We have been doing this all along. He started played football at four and we have done this for him and our other sons all throughout. All the games, home and away, we are there to support him.

"And on top of it all the Steelers are my husband's team since the 1970s. We used to come to one game a year anyway. After Jaylen got drafted it made it even better."

When you mention the support from his parents, a smile immediately envelops Samuels' face.

"It means everything," said Jaylen. "A lot of people don't come and see their kids at camp. For them to come all the way from North Carolina it means a lot."

And well, you know it's a given that mom shares that same smile when talking about her youngest son.

"Jaylen has worked so hard for this," said Sherrie. "I am so proud of him. Jaylen is very humble. He doesn't talk a lot. He just puts his head down and goes to work.

"It melts my heart to know he appreciates us being here. That is what we are here for, to support him and the team. We love it."