Labriola on win over Bengals

There's a lot to feel good about right now, to be sure.

Start with the record, 10-3, and where it puts them in the conference's pecking order as the regular season enters its final three weeks. There's the current winning streak, which now stands at four. That their return to the top of the AFC North has been achieved in large part with wins over the other teams in the division. With the way they have responded, whether it be to injuries, officiating, or to each of their three losses.

But eventually they are going to have to score some points. On offense, I mean.
* * *

"Either you're a team on the rise or you're not," said Coach Mike Tomlin. "Everybody desires to be a team on the rise in December. I believe those that are going to comprise the 12-team field are going to be that."

To be that, the Steelers are going to need to be able to score touchdowns. On offense, I mean.

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