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Inside the Locker Room: Ben Roethlisberger


How are you feeling?Okay.Are there any effects from the Baltimore game?Yeah, but it's football. You're always going to be sore. I'll let you guys know when there is a week that I'm not sore from the game.Did that hit affect your accuracy during the game?Who knows? I'm not going to make excuses. I didn't play well enough, whether it was from a hit or just not playing good. I know it hurt.What has happened since the offense's success the first half against Cleveland?We played a good team on the road (in) a hostile environment. We just made one mistake here, one there. I don't think there are any big, glaring issues. No panic from us. It doesn't get any easier this week playing one of the best defenses in the NFL. We just have to continue to get better and take what defenses give us.How much would it help to get a healthy Dri Archer back?He's another weapon that we'd like to have out there because he can do so many different things (such as) punt return, receiving, running. Any time you can add another element, just like the possibility of having Lance (Moore) back, any time you have the option of having another playmaker out there it's good for you.What would you like to tweak on the offense?That's the thing, I don't think we need to [tweak anything]. We've had little mistakes here and there from everybody, and so we need to cut down on the mistakes and just be a little bit better in certain areas.What are Moore's strengths that he brings to the offense?**I think he's a guy that been around for a long time. (He's) a guy that understands defenses (and) understands route concepts, how to get open in zones, how to beat man (coverage). To me it's just the fact that he's been playing for such a long time in this league and he can bring all that leadership and experience to a younger group.

Re: Carolina's defensive line:It's hard to find a weakness in their defense in general. As I talked to the Carolina media, to give them credit, they don't do a lot of things crazy. It's not a lot of exotic blitzes (and) moving guys around doing things. Because they count on their guys just to whoop you and that's their front four, which is kind of a front-seven, eight or nine because they rotate so many guys. (They are a defense) that always stays fresh and always goes hard so it's definitely going to be a challenge for our offensive line but I know they're excited for that challenge.Re: Carolina's linebacking corps and especially Luke Kuechly:Their whole linebacking corps is great. Kuechly is becoming one of the best middle linebackers in the game and his stats speak for themselves.Do you prepare for the possibility of Greg Hardy not playing?We just game plan for them being a great defense regardless of who is in there.What did Mark Whipple mean to you as your first quarterback coach in the NFL in terms of your development?Well just that. He was my first quarterback coach in the NFL and I learned a lot from him. We still keep in touch and we still hang out because he's a good guy. He understands the game of football, too. He's got a lot of stories and a lot of understanding of this game and so anytime you can be around someone and just absorb some of the things that they've been through I think it just makes you a better person and player.Do you talk with your offensive lineman and have you spoken with Marcus Gilbert because he struggled last week?No, I'm not going to do anything out of the ordinary. I talk to those guys all of the time anyway. I think being a leader, the fun part about it is knowing how to lead each individual and each individual is different. I've said this many times, however you approach them. I've talked to him, I've talked to the other guys but it's no different than I normally would do. I think Marcus is one of those guys, just like the rest of the line that put more on themselves than any pressure anybody else can put on them. They feel worse about having a bad game than anybody so you don't have to say too much to them. I know the person he is and the competitor he is. He is going to come out and be ready to play.Do you see any similarities between your game and Cam Newton's game?He's a lot better athlete than I am. He can throw it further than I can. So I don't know where the comparisons are. I guess they just say because he's big, and he's bigger than me too. So I guess I'll take that as a compliment that coaches compare me to him (laughing).**

Re: The one sack Elvis Dumervil had on Gilbert and the reaction to it:As much fun as it was to laugh about four or five days later, I think it was more humbling to Marcus to have something like that happen to him. To be a big, strong guy that just got a new deal, and to have someone, and Elvis isn't just some bum off the street either, he is a good pass rusher. But whatever the technique was and whatever happened, he got up underneath Marcus and knocked him into me, and we all went down together.Did you have a moment when watching the film when you thought, "You don't see that every day?"You don't see it every day. I don't know if there were any laughs about it because it hurt. It almost got my knee. My knee just got off the ground in time. It was just one of those ones, and I know Marcus takes plays like that to heart.Re: Picking a guy up when he has a game like that:I try to do my best to speak to each person individually, however that might be. I take pride in knowing how each person needs to be led.Re: Carolina limiting Calvin Johnson's impact and if they did anything differently to defend him:**They sure didn't (do anything differently). That's what makes their defense even more special. You don't see them get out of their game plan. They are one of the best defenses, statistically speaking, and it's not like it's an exotic type of defense. They just flat out beat you. They don't try to take anybody away, at least from what we saw. It's not like they put two or three guys on Calvin. They basically just said, "We are going to line up and if you can beat us then beat us. If not we are going to beat you."

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