Injuries mount, but line keeps surviving

Out of line: The practice report said it all. Guard Ramon Foster (ankle) and center Fernando Velasco (knee) didn't practice on Wednesday. Tackle Kelvin Beachum (hip), guard David DeCastro (ankle), and tackle Marcus Gilbert (ankle) were limited. But there was a ray of good news, tackle Mike Adams (ribs) was a full participant despite his injury.

Trying to find five offensive linemen without bumps and bruises these days is tougher than trying to finding a needle in a haystack.

"It's part of the business," said Velasco. "You can't use it as an excuse. Everybody has to deal with injuries, especially this time of year. It's just something we have to fight through. It's the bumps and bruises. Everybody has them. You have to learn to fight through them.

"You just have to get as much practice time as you can, but most of all come Sunday you have to be ready to play. You can't say I am hurt or I didn't practice because come Sunday the Detroit Lions don't care how much you practiced. You just have to get the job done."

Despite the injuries, the line is still fighting, still giving it everything they've got, and still having fun playing the game.

"We just keep smiling," said Beachum. "We just want to find a way to stay together. How many of us that are healthy in the room, we want to stay healthy and get the job done.

"It's a part of football, but we have seen it on a larger scale. It's about all of the guys holding themselves accountable knowing what other guys are doing, knowing different positions because you never know where you will play with injuries. When you have the opportunity to go in and perform you have to do it at the highest level you can."

Pouncey proud of line: One player that wishes he could help the line is center Maurkice Pouncey. Pouncey suffered a season-ending knee injury week one of the season and is a spectator right now.

"That is the worst feeling ever, knowing you want to be out there to help your team win," said Pouncey. "I love football so much it's all I ever did and all I ever want to do. Missing the season has been the toughest thing ever, but being around my guys helps me out."

Pouncey is proud of what his fellow offensive linemen have been doing though, fighting through the rash of injuries they have had to endure.

"They are doing a good job of handling the adversity," said Pouncey. "Over the last few years I think everyone knows that our team has been hit hard with adversity through injuries. The coaches have been doing a great job getting them ready and prepared for the games and the guys go out and attack it. I am really proud. It's great to see the young guys go out there, and the guys we brought in because of the injuries going out there, you can never hate that. The chemistry you have with the guys, the love you have for them, you always want to see them be successful.

"The linemen are doing a great job and they are still having a great time. That is what makes football and being an offensive lineman fun, when you have that camaraderie and chemistry in the room. When things aren't going well, you try to make it better."

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