'I will not get to keep playing this season'

As part of his weekly news conference, typically held at noon on Tuesdays at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex, Coach Mike Tomlin provides an injury report based on the events of the previous game, as well as an update of the status of players who are rehabilitating previous injuries.

With respect to Cam Heyward, Tomlin said at the time, "Cam Heyward has a pectoral injury, or a chest injury. That is being evaluated, actually re-evaluated as we speak. When we get some clarity on the status of that re-evaluation we'll communicate that."

At the time Tomlin was speaking to the media, Heyward was still being seen by doctors, and then at 1:30 p.m., he took to social media with the following: "I would like to thank everyone who has been in my corner this season. It pains me to say that I will not get to continue playing this season. My role will change as I can not play but it will not change the goals the team has set out. My support for this team will only grow and I look forward in watching this team grow and fight on. Hate being on the sideline but there is a greater plan taking place. My patience will be tested but I look forward to 2017. My hand will remain in the pile no matter what!"

Steelers Director of Communications Burt Lauten confirmed that Heyward will be placed on injured reserve. There has been no decision on a corresponding roster move to fill Heyward's spot.

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