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Hoke to host football camp


By Teresa Varley

Steelers nose tackle Chris Hoke will be hosting a football camp this summer in the Beaver County area, north of Pittsburgh.

Hoke has been a guest speaker at plenty of football camps since he has been with the Steelers and that helped him with his planning for the Chris Hoke 76 Football Camp, which will take place on June 20-21 at Raccoon Memorial Park.

"This is perfect for me," said Hoke. "I love to interact with people. You have to be there to interact with the kids. I will be there when they show up. I will have on my cleats running around with the kids, having a good time and making sure they know I will be there.

"I am going to get some of my teammates there. I want them to know I care about them and the game of football."

The camp, which is open to kids ages 6-18, will cover all of the basic football skills.

"We're going to work on skills, proper stretching techniques, the proper techniques of football," said Hoke. "We will have competitions, some seven on seven. It's going to be a good time."

A portion of the proceeds from the camp will benefit the Porter-Raccoon Midget Football Association.

"I am excited about it," said Hoke. "It will be a good chance for me to get out in the community and help.

"There are tons of camps around Pittsburgh. Out there they don't have much of that. It's good. They get neglected a little more. It's an opportunity for me to go out there. They are as big of fans as the people in the city. They just live a little further out."

For more information call 724-630-7164.

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