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Heyward: 'We have to fight tougher'

A few weeks ago Coach Mike Tomlin sat in his weekly press conference, just coming off the team's bye week, and one of the main issues he addressed was the team's turnover ratio.

At that point the Steelers were a minus one, not where they wanted to be.

Fast forward two weeks, and a four interception game against the Titans, and the Steelers are now plus three in turnover ratio.

"It shows we can create turnovers," said Artie Burns. "We just have to keep on doing it. As this road gets narrow, we have to create turnovers and steal possessions to win games. Turnovers are going to help us win."

Burns credited execution and effort with the defense's ability to get the slew of turnovers, but overall, the defense knows they can, and must, do more.

"We made a lot of good plays, but we missed some tackles that we normally make," said Coty Sensabaugh. "I know as far as the secondary, we can sharpen up our coverage in some areas. Get closer to some guys. We just have to keep working every game. This process we are going through is a never ending process of getting better. Until we reach our goal at the end of the season, Lord willing, we are going to get better every day."

The defense is ranked fourth overall in the NFL, third against the pass, but for the players, those are just numbers that mean one thing, improvement is necessary.

"We need more splash," said Cameron Heyward. "(Better) tackling. The things that make up for the tackling is there is more than one guy. If we continue to hunt like we have been doing and get multiple guys to the ball, then that makes up for the tackling. Keep applying pressure and get sacks and turnovers. When we put our offense on a short field it helps a lot.

"Those two big plays (against the Titans), those big pass plays, those are things we need to correct off the bat. We can't give up two big pass plays and they turn them into touchdowns. We have to fight a little bit tougher, a little bit smarter, and if we do that we will be successful."


The Steelers prepare for the Week 12 matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

Next man up:** Sensabaugh has taken on the 'next man up' mentality perfectly, stepping in to start at cornerback with Joe Haden injured. And it's been an easy transition, because of the mindset that is prevalent in the Steelers locker room, one he continues to learn more about with each passing day.  

"The talent, the mindset, the culture, and the coaching," said Sensabaugh, who signed with the Steelers as an unrestricted free agent this offseason. "Everybody wants to be the best version of themselves. Everyone wants to go out there and be their best. When we get out there we try to take advantage of our opportunity, whether it's five plays or 50 plays.

"I didn't know the whole culture thing until I got here. It's been great to see every one grow and come together and just become a family. We continue to grow closer. The closer we are off the field, the better we will play on the field we continue to grow that camaraderie."

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