Heyward: 'That is what we preach'

Cam Heyward isn't afraid to make a hard hit, wrap someone up and bring them down. He does it at the line of scrimmage, he does it in an opponent's backfield, and on occasion, like last week against the Cincinnati Bengals, he does it 30 yards downfield.

The best photos of Defensive End Cam Heyward from the 2015 season thus far.

"That is what we preach around here," said Heyward. "It doesn't matter who is out here, we all have to run to the ball and be accountable. If one guy misses a tackle, another guy has to be there."

That is an attitude and mindset that starts in practice, something they work on every day to make sure on game day there is no slacking.

"We preach it," said Heyward. "We want to get turnovers in practice, run to the ball and be disruptive. To do that in a game you have to do it in practice first."

And it starts with Heyward. He sets the standard for the defense, is the prime example for young guys to watch and learn from.

"What I see every day is the work, the ethic, running after every play, the high motor, a guy if you played against would drive you crazy because he never stops," said quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. "I am glad he is on our team. You see growth every day from him. Both vocally and action wise."

The defense might get back one of those young guys that watches what Heyward does this week with Stephon Tuitt back practicing and hoping to play on Sunday. Tuitt has missed the last two games with a knee injury, but was optimistic he would be back.

"I feel like right now we have enough arrows up," said Tuitt. "You never want to be hurt. You want to go out there every Sunday with your guys that you do all training camp with. When you aren't able to do that you get down. But you have to stay positive. It's a long season. When you look at me I am fortunate that I had my injury and am able to come back."

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