Helping in the fight against breast cancer

The Steelers continued their support of breast cancer awareness month when Heath and Katie Miller hosted Bid For Hope.

The event benefits Glimmer of Hope, a foundation committed to raising funds for breast cancer research and finding a cure.

"It's a good cause," said Miller. "No one is immune to this disease. Breast cancer is something that has affected so many people in our society."

Miller was joined at the event by a group of his Steelers teammates, who signed autographs for those in attendance.

"Most of these guys probably know someone who has been affected by breast cancer so that is why they come out and support the cause," said Miller, who has a cousin who is a breast cancer survivor. "Hopefully we can promote the research."

One of the main projects of Glimmer of Hope is funding an under-40 breast cancer study to help those who are diagnosed at a young age, and having the Steelers bring the study to the forefront has been a huge boost for the organization.

"The exposure with the Steelers organization has heightened this study for us to a point where I think things are going to change," said Diana Napper, the founder of Glimmer of Hope.  "Most people think it can only happen to women over 40, in Pittsburgh we are seeing a lot of numbers younger. For a team as high profile as the Steelers and Heath and Katie Miller to help, it lets the young women know it can happen."

Miller and his teammates have been sporting pink gear during games in October as a part of the NFL's breast cancer awareness initiative. Attending Bid for Hope was just another manner for them to help a cause that impacts so many.

"Anything we can do for this cause, to raise awareness and money, we will do," said Ben Roethlisberger. "It affects so many lives and we want to help. I am all for it. I wear the pink shoes in practice and the game. This month is a great time for us to show our support and raise money for a sad disease."

Brett Keisel and his wife Sarah, who lost an aunt to breast cancer, have been attending Bid for Hope since the initial days when it was hosted by Alan and Julie Faneca, who continue to support the charity.

"It's a great event I always like to come and support," said Keisel. "Breast cancer is a cause important to a lot of people. So many people just want to come and mingle with you, people that can donate in hopes for finding a cure. We come here and try to raise a lot of money and hopefully find a cure some day. We hold it very dear to our hearts."

And the Glimmer of Hope holds the Steelers close to their hearts, thankful for what they do in a gallant fight to find a cure. 

"It's heartwarming and tremendous, to see these big guys and know they have such big hearts," said Napper. "It's all about raising money for premenopausal breast cancer and for people to realize it can happen to these young women. It can happen at age 24, 28, 30 and to me that is outrageous."

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