Hearing from the Bengals

Coach Marvin LewisWhat did you learn about the Steelers the first time you played them this year, and how were they different from the 8-3 team that you played about the same time last year?I don't know that I can, referring back to the difference, because we weren't in the same spot. We were kind of depleted with injuries and so forth. So it was a little different situation. But I know, obviously as I said before, when we got ready to play them last time, I thought Ben (Roethlisberger) was playing very well, and he did nothing in our game that changed the opinion of that. I think he is playing at a very high level. I think they are continuing to play at a very high level defensively. I think if we don't defend the right gaps and so forth, (Rashard) Mendenhall is going to make yards. In fact, I think all of their backs do a good job when they get the opportunity to play, they make the most of their opportunity. I think they are playing very well in all three phases, and I know in the return game, when we got ready to play them two weeks ago, they were very, very affective. We were very impressed with their returns.Does it present any special challenge playing a team so quickly after playing them the first time?I don't think it is a special challenge. I think it kind of is what it is, and I don't know that you really worry about that. In some ways for us as coaches it lets you really hone in on what things, in our case we need to do better, in order to have an opportunity to win the football game. That's the approach that I take with our coaches because it is like a lot of water that has gone under the bridge since then. They have played two football games since we played them.

Does it make a difference when you prepare, and build a game plan, if you know who the Steelers are actually going to play at wide receiver? 
I don't think so. I have never been one to worry too much about who plays for the other team because I can't control it. I remember a time when I was coaching in Baltimore as the defensive coordinator, I didn't know names of the starting wide receivers of the Giants, I just knew their numbers. That's the approach I have always taken, and right or wrong, I think we know the respect we have for the speed of (Mike) Wallace. We know what Antonio Brown can do. We know when Hines (Ward) comes into the game, what he is doing now and what his parts of the offense are. I don't think you can get too caught up in that, because it is nothing we can control.(Jerricho) Cotchery had a good game against you. Was that a surprise when you saw so much of him?No, not really. He did a really nice job of moving back away from leverage, and we had a couple free-runners on the quarterback, and it was a nice job by him of getting himself freed up.Why do you think there are so many great defenses in this division? Is it teams building to play against each other?I would say that part of it is, I think, that three of them use a lot of the same principle, I think, even though we are structured a little differently, as far as the theory of stopping the run, and how to do that and so forth. That left Pittsburgh, went to Baltimore and now it is in Cincinnati. So it hasn't changed much. I think Dick (Jauron) has done a nice job up there in Cleveland with what they are doing, and keeps things pretty simple. So I would say the origin of three of them started right there along the river.

Wide Receiver A.J. Green

How are you feeling now after the injury?It feels good. I feel like I am back to 100%.Did you hyperextend your knee in that game?Yeah, it was just a little hyperextension.Re: Hines Ward:
Hines is one of the great receivers, a future Hall of Famer, I think. Coming from Georgia, I watched him growing up. He's had a lot of success at both levels.

How prominent is he still at Georgia?
A lot man. I know they want him to come back and coach the receivers. They really still love him around Athens.

Who are they?
The coaching staff, even people that didn't coach him, they just know he's a good guy and all of that.

Re: Success with Andy Dalton in your rookie seasons despite the lockout:
It's taken a lot of hard work during practice. If we put in the hard work during practice, it will pay off.

Re: Ike Taylor covering you last game:
He shadowed me the whole game when I was in. He's a great player, a veteran. I am really going to have to work. I am up for the challenge.

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