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"Hash Marks" Harris: Week 14 Roundup

**Best Calls

Photos from the last matchup vs the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on December 13th, 2015.

QBs* I had a solid week last week regarding QBs. The highest scoring quarterback of the week, none other thanRussell Wilson,* who has been on fire. Wilson threw for 292 yards and five scores. The Jaguars scored 51 points against the Colts. 51!Blake Bortles threw for three scores but had two fumbles. He still put up 23 points.Tyrod Taylor totaled 15 points. It wasn't the best pick, and it wasn't the worst. I didn't likeDerek Carr **last week, and for good reason. He totaled just 11 points.

RBs  Doug Martin got into the endzone, and he totaled 86 scrimmage yards for 14 points. Jonathan Stewartalso got into the endzone, on his way to a 14 point performance. I said to avoid Devonta Freeman. He totaled just four points. I wasn't big on David Johnson, who totaled 12 points.

Crushed this group last week. Odell Beckham, Jr.scored the most fantasy points, nearly 34, as he scored twice and collected 166 yards. A.J. Greencontinued to torture the Steelers as he totaled 132 receiving yards and one score. Allen Robinson scored on his only reception. But a touchdown is a touchdown. I said to avoid Julio Jones, who totaled just nine points. I also said to stay away from Dez Bryant, who totaled just nine receiving yards, and Larry Fitzgerald, who had just 41 yards.TEs
Need a mulligan on this group. Charles Claytotaled less than one point. I also liked Tyler Eifert, who left the game early due to a concussion. That's about all I got right.

Defense/Special Teams
I hit on all three defenses I liked, the Broncos, the Seahawks and the Chiefs, who all totaled at least nine points. Three defenses I said to avoid all had bad games, as the Bills, Eaglesand 49ers each totaled three points.

**What Was I Thinking Calls

QBs* I said I didn't have faith inAaron Rodgers. He totaled 17 points. 50-50 call on that one. I also wasn't high onMarcus Mariota, but he put up 17 points.RBsChris Ivory *had a 15-point outing. I should have known better. And I really thoughtLeSean McCoy **was going to go nuts against his former team. He only managed 11 points.

Crushed it. See above.

TEsCoby Fleenerand Travis Kelcedid nothing. Gary Barnidgeand Julius Thomasranked fourth and fifth, respectively, in scoring. I said to avoid them. Ugh.Defense/Special Teams
The Browns totaled 16 points. I don't think anyone saw that coming.

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