Harrison won't change the way he plays

Linebacker James Harrison is once again shaking his head, not sure how to react to the latest fine levied against him by the NFL.

Harrison was hit with a $25,000 fine for his hit on Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, which drew a 15-yard personal foul penalty.

"I don't have a reaction," said Harrison in the locker room on Wednesday. "It angers me of course. They are taking absurd amounts of money from me for plays that I consider to be clean, legal hits.

"I am just going to go through the process, appeal it and see what happens."

Harrison has been fined a total of $125,000 this season for hits against Titans quarterback Vince Young, Cleveland wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Fitzpatrick.

"I am not going to change the way I play," vowed Harrison. "The way I play, there is nothing wrong with it. I am not playing dirty. I am not doing anything that is outside of the lines. I am sure if you ask 10 guys in the league, I am sure eight or nine will say he is not a dirty player, he is hard player and he is just getting a bad rep right now."

Among those who agree that Harrison is getting a bad rep unfairly are his teammates, but also an unlikely ally in Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.

"You got this guy, number 92 over there," said Suggs during a conference call with Pittsburgh media. "I think he's kind of red-flagged. Referees are kind of looking for him to see if he breathes on the quarterback wrong. He might get a flag. I think there is definitely some injustice and I think that's where the game has went."

Harrison wouldn't say if he agreed with the assessment that he is being picked on or not, rather letting others give their opinion.

"I don't think I need to say anything about them picking on me," said Harrison. "The Ravens of all people are saying I am possibly being picked on or red-flagged. That's one of our most hated rivals."

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