Focused on stopping the ground game


The Steelers defense will have a tough test on their hands Sunday afternoon trying to stop second-year running back Carlos Hyde. Hyde opened the season with a 168-yard performance against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night, and with the combination of him and quarterback Colin Kaepernick's running ability, stopping the ground game is a key.

The defense weighed in on Hyde and the 49ers ground game:

Linebacker Arthur Moats:
"He definitely showed some good explosiveness with his runs. He was definitely downhill. He was very decisive. He is going to be a good challenge. It starts with the run game. You have to stop the run and make them one dimensional. You know with Kaepernick he is going to have some runs in there, but a lot of his bigger runs have come off the scramble. As far as rush lanes you have to be more disciplined."

Cornerback Antwon Blake:
"I feel like with a guy like that, a guy that has all of the tools, we have to wrap up our tackles. We can't have any missed tackles. Guys like that are going to make plays, but we have to do our best to keep those kinds of plays from happening. Kaepernick is also one of the best running quarterbacks in the league right now. When a play beaks down, that is when he makes most of his yardage. It's not the scheme, it's what he does on his own. We are going to have to work to deteriorate his running ability."

Linebacker Lawrence Timmons:
"He is a great running back. New to the system. He showed what he can do. We definitely have our hands full. And Kaepernick, you have to be aware of his speed. He is a speedy quarterback. We have to keep him contained. We can't let him break the pocket and get outside. We have to fly to the ball with a guy like that."

Safety Rob Golden:
"He is a great back. He is a competitor, a high energy guy. He is bringing what they give to him on the table. We have to get after him. We just have to do what we do, be physical at the point and play the defense. Whatever the coaches call for us, they are going to put us in the best situation to stop the run."

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