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Steelers Nation Unite

Fans enjoy weekend with the Steelers

Whenever the team hits the road during the season, Steelers Nation is always there. Whether they live in or near an opponent's city or travel to the game from various places around the world, the sight of Terrible Towels on the road can make it feel like home.

For every road game, **Steelers Nation Unite** rewards a member with a road trip to see the team play. A package that includes game tickets and travel accommodations, it's an opportunity for fans to show their pride on the road and get recognized for their loyalty.

The Official Home of Steelers Nation, **Steelers Nation Unite** is free to join and is where fans can earn yards for a number of activities, which then lead to exciting rewards. As a member levels up from Starter to Veteran to Pro Bowl to Hall of Fame, they unlock a variety of benefits and rewards. Among the benefits for Hall of Fame members is an automatic entry for a chance to win a trip to an away game. 

For Jackie Cornett, a Steelers Nation Unite member from New Jersey, this past weekend in Cincinnati was an example of just how rewarding being a member can be. 

In a way, Cornett has her fiancee, Jose Infante, to thank for winning the Hall of Fame Road Trip to Cincinnati in Week 6. After all, she does attribute the fact that she is a diehard Steelers fan to him. 

"He did. To be completely honest, [Jose] did," Cornett was quick to say when asked about what made her a Steelers fan. "He taught me the rules to the game. I was always a football fan but never really understood it until we got together. It's all been history since then. I love Sundays."

And while Infante was happy to accept the credit for Cornett's fandom, he was even happier to accept the invite to travel to Cincinnati last weekend to watch the Steelers take down the Bengals. 

Being that they're both Hall of Fame members, it turned out to be a doubly rewarding trip for the couple. Infante can boast the higher yardage total, but it was Cornett's name that was randomly selected from the Hall of Fame list for this trip of a lifetime. 

"I'm always at the top," Infante said of their Steelers Nation Unite yard-earning battle.

Of course, neither of them could believe the news when Cornett first found out she had won. Cornett herself came very close to not even checking the voicemail on her phone saying that she had won a special prize through Steelers Nation Unite. She thought maybe it was something like a Terrible Towel, so she decided to return the message, not expecting her reward to be anything crazy.

As it turned out, it was a reward more exciting than anything she could have imagined. 

"I was at work and didn't answer the phone. I wasn't going to listen to my messages, but I finally listened to the message and called back and got the news," Cornett said. "They asked if I needed time to think about [being able to go]. I didn't need time. I said I was going right then."

They arrived in Cincinnati on Saturday afternoon and got the chance to hang out with plenty of Steelers fans at the Road Warrior Party at Martino's on Saturday night. In the middle of Bengals territory, the atmosphere inside and appearances by former Steelers Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley made it feel much more like Pittsburgh than anything else.

"We saw Steelers fans everywhere," Cornett said of her time in Cincinnati. "It was everything [we could have imagined]."

Then, it was on to game day, where they got the opportunity to experience pregame warm-ups on the Steelers sideline before taking in the game from the stands. With a wild finish to an exciting weekend, it was easy for Cornett to succinctly sum up the experience. 

"It was surreal," she said. "It really was."

To join Steelers Nation Unite and get a chance to win experiences like this and get rewarded for your fandom from wherever you follow the team, visit **** now.

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