Family affair for Steelers LB at combine

Florida State running back Karlos Williams turned in a 4.48 in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine, the second fastest time from the running backs group.

He had his own personal cheering section on television, which included his brother, Steelers linebacker Vince Williams.

Karlos Williams, who calls himself a 'work in progress,' shared his thoughts on a few topics before his workout.

On feedback he's getting from teams:
"They pretty much ask me what I need to work on. That's something that I have to be very self-critical of. Even when I was at Florida State I was very self-critical of how I played and what I need to get better on. And we discussed that, in or outside of interviews. If I'm walking past a coach and he recognizes me, he tells me, stops me, 'Hey, love the film' or 'This you need to work on' or 'That you need to work.' And I really have appreciated it so far and I hope it just keeps happening because the more coaching I get the better I'm going to perform on the next level."

On his weigh in at 230 pounds and if that's where he wants to be:
"I ran fast at Florida State weighing 230. I weighed a little bit more than that the first time I touched the ball at Florida State. So basically I worked on more technique, if anything. Being more explosive. More knee drive. More forward lean. And I've been with Coach (Tom) Shaw down in Orlando and he's one of the best in the business."

On if he wants to lost weight to be more explosive:
"Not really. I haven't really focused on weight gain or weight loss. I really focused on lateral movement, playing with a low center of body gravity, pass protection, my hips need a lot of work. Very tight in the hips. But as far as that goes, more speed. Trying to run downhill and when I get ready to run the 40, having great form, great technique. I need to work on being low, out of transition and turns. On-the-field drills. Picking up my knees, I had a lot of trouble there this year running through tackles, picking up my knees. So a lot of stuff, little stuff like that, I need to work on. But straight headline speed is something I've had a God-given ability to do that."

Big brother Vince went to social media to show his pride for his younger brother.

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