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Dobbs: 'It was a good phone call'

Joshua Dobbs stood in front of his locker on Monday afternoon, and didn't mind for a minute that cameras were waiting for him, ready to talk to the Steelers new No. 2 quarterback.

Dobbs got a call on Saturday afternoon from offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner, not only delivering the news that he had made the 53-man roster, but he would also be backing up starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

"Randy called me at 3:42," said Dobbs of the exact time he got the news. "Who was counting the minutes? He informed me I made it, my role would change. He told me come ready to go, ready to learn and to fight to get that seventh ring for the Steelers.

"My agent called me first. He didn't really know then. Randy called me. I had a feeling. It was a good phone call. Good dialogue."

The next call Dobbs got, was from Landry Jones, the quarterback he and Mason Rudolph beat out on the roster.

"I was thankful for the opportunity to learn behind him and get a chance to learn how he approached every day, treated his job like a professional," said Dobbs. "He was awesome. He called me at 3:47 and said congratulations, best of luck, if you ever need anything. Stand-up guy. I was thankful to have that relationship with him when he was here and moving forward."

Dobbs said he felt it was his consistent play that helped him earn the spot, but knows the work is far from over.

"I can consistently get better," said Dobbs. "Coming in every day, growing, not making the same mistake twice. Being here ready to learn. When your number is called taking advantage of the opportunity that you are given. You have to play well when you get your opportunity. You never know when it will be. You have to be ready. I showed that through my play and will continue to do it through my prep.

"I always try to prepare like I am ready to go. Everyone says congrats which is cool, but my work isn't done. I have to continue to improve every day."

Feeling comfortable: Le'Veon Bell, who hasn't signed his franchise tender, was a no-show on Monday when the team had a 'bonus practice' as they prepare for the season-opener against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

With Bell out, James Conner is getting plenty of work and he is ready for it.

"I am super comfortable," said Conner. "This week of prep and I will be ready to go on Sunday. They didn't tell me a work load. It's day by day."

If he does get the call to carry the ground game, he knows he is fortunate to run behind the offensive line in front of him.

"I tell them every pregame they are the best in the world," said Conner. "I believe that. They get the job done up front. Those guys are good people up front. We know about their football ability. They are good people too. They do a good job of making guys feel welcome and also knowing when it's time to go. I love the guys up front."

The Steelers prepare for the Week 1 matchup against the Cleveland Browns.

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