DeCastro: 'It's nice to have it done'

Guard David DeCastro got the business side of football done on Thursday when he signed a new six-year contract, and now his focus is on one thing and one thing only, football.

Steelers G David DeCastro played in his first Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

"It's nice to have it done," said DeCastro. "It's nice to just focus on football now. Obviously I was focused, but having it behind me and knowing I am going to be here for a while, hopefully the rest of my career, is a great feeling and an honor.

"I am thankful the Rooney family believes in me and now I have to hold up my end of the bargain. I don't know other places, but you hear about other places and this is the best place to be. All of the history and tradition, you want to uphold it as much as you can."

DeCastro, who is in his fifth season and has started 40 consecutive games, is looking forward to getting on the field Monday night in Washington with an offensive line that is stronger than ever with all the pieces in place.

"They invested a lot in us," said DeCastro. "We were talking about that last night. Now we just have to go play and show it. We know a lot about each other and it's great to have the group together. We are going to be together for a while and we have a lot to prove.

"I think we have gotten better every year. Just the way we have grown together and experienced a lot together. We have the talent, we just have to go out on the field and put it all together."

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