Conner: 'It's like the Dark Knight'

When the Steelers take the field on Thursday night against the Carolina Panthers at Heinz Field, they are going to do so in a uniform that has become a favorite with players and fans alike.

The team will wear their 'Color Rush' uniform this week, a monochromatic uniform that was first introduced to wear primarily on Thursday Night Football.

"The Color Rush uniform is cool," said Anthony Chickillo. "It's something we only get to wear on that Thursday night game. Plus, I think ours are the coolest in the league, being all black."

The uniform is a black jersey with gold numbers and gold stripes on the sleeves, while the pants are all black.

"I like those. I think it's a good change," said James Conner. "When we have one style of game pants, everyone is so used to seeing us in black and gold at home. When it goes all black, I think it looks solid.

"It's like the Dark Knight."

Custom jerseys are available. All jerseys have stitched name and number.

Sean Davis didn't realize the team was wearing them this week until asked about them, and his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and his smile was huge the minute he found out.

"Are we wearing Color Rush?" said an excited Davis. "Really, for real.

"I would rather wear black pants than gold pants all the time. I think the all black looks sweet. I like how the offense last year, they wore all black. And they wore gold shoes. I think I might steal that idea this year. But I would always like to wear black pants."

Bud Dupree joked that he was taking his uniform home with him after the game he likes it so much.

"They are dope," said Dupree. "Yeah, I'm taking mine home. We really like them. And we are 2-0 when we wear them. We have to keep it going. We're strong in them."

The Steelers first wore the uniforms on Christmas Day in 2016 when they defeated the Baltimore Ravens, 31-27, to win the AFC North. The team also wore them in 2017 against the Tennessee Titans at Heinz Field, a 40-17 win.

"I really like them," said Artie Burns. "I like the all black uniforms. I like the look. We've won in them."

Check out the Color Rush uniforms the Steelers will wear during the Thursday night game against the Carolina Panthers.