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Ben: 'We have a tough stretch'


The Steelers left the practice field on Wednesday ready to enjoy a four-day weekend as they are off for the bye.

And while many, including quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who was named AFC offensive player of the week, have already started looking at film of Seattle, they are going to take some time and rest and relax this weekend.

"I have started looking at Seattle, but let us enjoy this time because it's long overdue," said Roethlisberger. "We need this time because we have a tough one next week."

This is a team that definitely can use the bye week with all of the injuries they have sustained this year. But despite the injuries, including ones to many key players, the team is still 6-4 and in the playoff hunt, but know they have a long road ahead when they return from the bye.

"We always want to be better," said Roethlisberger. "We let some games get away from us and haven't won every one and that is our goal. We have had a lot of injuries, we have persevered through them. Like I told the guys, the bye week is here and we are going to enjoy it. We have a tough stretch, it's the fourth quarter of the season and we are going to have to put our heads down and get to work.

"We are going to have to play our best football. Guys are going to have to continue to step up and step up even more. We just have to keep gelling and play our best football."

A little more of what Ben had to say:

On the message to the team after practice:
"That is kind of between us, but just to enjoy your time and be ready to come back focused."

On if he will continue to wear the same shoe he wore last week:
"It's a comfort thing. It's one size bigger. My swollen foot fit in it better than my normal sized shoe. We'll see as we move forward. If my foot feels fine in a normal sized shoe that I normally wear, then I won't have to."

On if he is amazed at what Antonio Brown is able to do:
"Not really. It seems silly because we expect what he does every week. I think the most amazing thing was that front flip that he did. Doesn't mean we like it, but it was pretty amazing. It's hard for him to do anything anymore that we shake our heads at.

"The biggest thing for me that has me in awe is when he drops a ball. That's a bigger deal than him making a great catch."

On if Brown is playing in the slot more:
"A little bit more. We have been trying to move him around. It helps because it makes defenses adjust to where he is going to be. We know teams are trying to double him and keep him an eye on him. If we can move him around and they double inside, we get outside single coverage."

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