Ben looks good again


SO FAR, SO GOOD:** Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's second practice this week was interpreted by his teammates much as the first on Monday had been, as an encouraging step toward Roethlisberger's potential participation on Sunday in Baltimore.

"He looked good," guard Ramon Foster reported. "I'm not sure how he feels but I feel like he looked good. His health and how he's feeling, we're gonna determine that the rest of the week.

"But his accuracy was there, he's throwing the ball, he looked like Ben. He dropped back today, threw the ball. I thought he looked like himself in a sense, but I know there's probably still a pain factor there."

Roethlisberger was officially listed as having had limited participation in practice.

Foster said Roethlisberger worked with the first-team offense but chose not to speculate as to what that might mean.

"I won't guess because in this sport we as players would never pull ourselves out," Foster said. "It'll have to be left up to the coach. I feel like if it's up to Ben, he'll go."

Added tight end David Johnson: "I think he can (play). There's definitely not anything wrong with his arm, I can tell you that."


BEEN THERE, REHABBED THAT:** Running back Le'Veon Bell has been through knee surgery and knows the importance of not rushing back from such a procedure.

"I don't know exactly how he feels, he looked good," Bell said. "Hopefully, he doesn't have any setbacks or anything like that. We're always pushing for him to come back out there but obviously we want him to take his time.

"We have a long season. I want him to make sure he's good when he does come back, not have any setbacks in a practice or a game."

Bell said he hasn't asked Roethlisberger how he's feeling or if he thinks he'll play on Sunday.

"I've had a knee injury," Bell said. "I know how it feels. I know how some days you can just wake up in the morning, it feels terrible. And some days you can wake up in the morning, it feels great.

"I'm sure he's going to be smart with it."


The Steelers Prepare for the Week 9 matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.

BIG ON BIG?**: The Ravens' receiving corps includes Kamar Aiken (6-foot-2, 215 pounds), Breshad Perriman (6-2, 215), Mike Wallace (6-0, 205) and Chris Moore (6-1, 200).

Against such a group, a cornerback the size of Steelers rookie Artie Burns (6-0, 197) might come in handy.

"I got an extra amount of reps with the 1s (the first-team) today, a lot more than I usually get," Burns said. "It's not just because they're big, but (also) the way they play with their receivers, the route concepts that they run.

"I might be pretty busy."

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