Being a dad is what it's all about

For Steelers' players and coaches, Father's Day is special as they get to take in the joy of being a dad, a role all of them treasure. Some of them shared what they love about being a father.

Ben Roethlisberger – Father of three – Benjamin, Baylee and Bodie

"It's one of the greatest joys, outside of being married. It's truly a blessing. It's fun to go home and get even more beat up at home. It's a lot of fun they know what I do. They are always someone on the team when we are playing catch in the yard. It's neat they know where I am going to work and what I am doing. Things like that. It's really neat that they are getting it."

Maurkice Pouncey – Father of two – Jayda and Marlee

"I tell people all of the time it changes you. It brings you back to reality. It shows you how good life is, how much they look up to you, how much they are depending on you. It brings a lot more joy to life. I am totally excited about it and love it.

"It makes you grow up quicker, it makes you appreciate things more, it makes you work a little bit harder because you know people are depending on you. They are your own. You made them. I tell people all of the time it's my greatest joy in life."

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I’m so lucky I swear my QUEENS‼️

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Cameron Heyward – Father of two - Callen and Chloe
"Being a dad and being a good husband are the greatest joys I have. I just want be a good father. I understand they grow up before your eyes. I know I will be a part of their lives, and when I do pass away, they will carry on the legacy I tried to leave. I just try to soak it all in."

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The Avengers! @allieheyyy

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Coach Mike Tomlin – Father of three – Dino, Mason and Harlyn

"It's an awesome thing. I am gaining a better appreciation for it as my kids get older and my day-to-day influence gets a little bit scarcer. I've had that extended handshake with my oldest boy when he went away to college. I appreciate the moments. All the fun times we have had, the front yard football, the tee ball and all of that. When the boys are 17 and 18 you miss those days. You look back at them fondly. We talk about the greatest catch in the history of front yard football. I just love the moments. The lesson I have learned from them are awesome."

Ramon Foster – Father of two – Ramon and Myles

"Now that my boys are older, I get to see them become who they are and see little bits of me in them. I look at them and laugh when they think they are being slicker than me or their mom. I just shake my head and let them do it. I am like, I already did this. It's cool to see your character go in them in a lot of different ways. That's the best for me."

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Tyson Alualu – Father of five – Tyree, Dereon, Tydes, Tyten, and Tyson

"It takes me back to my dad and everything he did for me, what he sacrificed to put me in the position I am today. I get joy from seeing that same thing with my kids, whether it's taking them to sports or practices, being there. Even if it's taking them to the park. Just being there. It lets me reflect back on my childhood and makes me appreciate the opportunity I get to have with my kids."

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🙏🏽 Happy Easter #Heisrisen

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