Batch plays QB, then Santa

Charlie Batch led the Steelers to a 27-0 win over the St. Louis Rams at Heinz Field on Saturday, Christmas Eve. About an hour after the game ended and everyone was heading home, it was time for Batch to play Santa.

What has become a yearly tradition continued this year when Batch delivered toys to 20 families in Homestead and the surrounding areas.

Batch got help collecting those toys when he hosted his annual Batch of Toys drive through his Best of the Batch Foundation.

The toys were distributed to local women's shelters, the Salvation Army and to the families that Batch gets to be a "Secret Santa" for.

"To be able to deliver those toys is what says it all," said Batch. "The smiles are unbelievable when you are delivering the toys. You knock on the door and the mother comes down, the kids peek out to see who is at the door. They are surprised to see me. I am just there to drop off the toys to them."

It's more than toys he delivers, though. He delivers what truly is the Christmas spirit.

"Whenever you see the parents they start crying," said Batch. "They give you a big hug to thank you. It's about understanding how special that moment is. They tell you that without the toys they wouldn't be able to give their kids a Christmas.

"I am an emotional person. You try to stay strong and then you are like I have to go and you are wiping your eyes as you walk away. Those are things you see. That is one of the moments you live for."

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