Ayers following AB's lead

Shortly after the Steelers drafted Demarcus Ayers, the rookie receiver/punt returner talked about how anxious he was to finally get to meet and work with Antonio Brown.

Brown is a player Ayers had watched since he came into the league in 2010, someone he admired and wanted to pattern his game after.

So to be on the same team and learn from him, he couldn't ask for more. And after a little over a week of working with him during the team's OTAs, it's everything he imagined and more.

"When I first saw him in the meeting room I was actually a little nervous to say something to him," said Ayers. "He introduced himself. Him opening up to me first showed what type of guy he is and the energy he brings. Him giving us advice, or tough love to the group, or picking guys up, it means so much. He keeps everyone going and that is the impact he brings to this team."

Ayers has been following Brown's lead in just about everything he does, from extra work on the field, to the weight room and in the film room. That will even include spending time at Brown's house doing some extra film study and getting tips from someone who does it better than anybody.

"From watching him on TV, to getting out here with him on the field to see how he works in practice, after practice, before practice, he does it in a professional way," said Ayers. "I see why he plays so good. I am just eager to keep learning from him and getting advice from him.

"It's been special, just seeing the plays he makes out here is unbelievable. It's mind boggling plays that wow you every time. Every time you think you have seen something before, he does something amazing again. It's been a fun time with him in the film room and him giving me advice, working with me after practice doing extra work.

"He is a special guy, humble. He loves guys that love to work. He has a positive vibe ever since he stepped into the meeting room and on the field for OTAs. I love to be around him every single day."

Working with Brown is definitely paying off for Ayers. From the time when he first arrived for rookie minicamp, until now after working alongside Brown for a short time, he has grown by leaps and bounds.

"I am starting to learn the system now that the veterans are here," said Ayers. "The guys are doing a good job preparing me, helping me study my plays. I am getting some good advice in the meeting room. The coaches are coaching me good on special teams. I am having fun going out there and making plays to help this team."

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