At Home With - Ziggy Hood

Defensive end Ziggy Hood gives Steelers fans a look at what he is like Off the Field.Favorite meal you wife cooks: Some type of steak fajitas that she makes from scratch.

Your cooking specialty: I can make some mean steak when I have the time.

Three things always in your refrigerator:Yogurt, fruit and milk

When the television is on, what are you watching: That's easy – the Cartoon Network.

What do you snack on while watching television:Goldfish, they are easy to eat and low fat.

When something breaks, are you a fix it yourself guy, or hire someone to help: I fix it myself for free.

Favorite Tech toy:I just got the I-Pad so I like it.

*What video game player: *X-Box

What is your favorite part of your home:The basement because it's my man cave.

What do you do to relax at home:Play X-Box Live.* *

Prized possession at your home:My family.

When you get home from a game, what do you do:We sit on the couch and talk. It's like I have another coach at the house. We just review the game and then go about our business.* *

What was your first car:A Ford Escort Z.

What car is in your garage now:Dodge Ram 1500

What is bed time like with the baby:It has its ups and downs, but it's pretty good so far.* *

What did you learn from your parents that you carried over into your parenting:Having respect and treating others with respect.* *

What is the perfect family vacation:Somewhere on the coast line, Florida or North Carolina. Just somewhere near the water.* *

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