Ask The Steelers - Sanders 1

ASK THE STEELERS – EMMANUEL SANDERS – PART 1 brings you the Ask the Steelers feature. Fans submitted the questions that were asked. Please understand that we receive an incredible number of questions for each player, with many of the questions being similar, and not all of the questions can be answered. We selected as many as possible, and took your questions to the current subject to get your answers.

Robbie Lloyd in Canada asks: What was the feeling like watching the draft and waiting for a team to call you, especially since the third round was the second night?Emmanuel Sanders:It was nerve-racking. I was hearing from teams and my agent that I could get picked up in the second round, third round, fourth round and could fall down to the fifth. I had my draft party on that Friday and had 30 people there and was like please let me go today. It ended up happening and I went to the best organization in the NFL.

Christina Belío in El Paso, Texas asks: How did you feel when you were picked by the Steelers?Emmanuel Sanders: It felt good. I was hearing rumors I could go there because of what happened with Santonio Holmes. At the end of the day I never thought it would happen. I felt Pittsburgh was a great fit for me. I got the call from the GM and was so excited. God is good because there is no better fit for me and my playing style than the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Troy Blancher in Great Falls, Montana asks: Whatare youmost excited about after being drafted by the Steelers? Emmanuel Sanders: I am excited about it all. I am excited about being a true professional. I just want to focus on football 24 hours a day. I know the Steelers are known for World Championships and I am definitely looking forward to potentially playing in a Super Bowl one day and doing everything I can do to make my team the best in the NFL.

Dave in Atlanta, Georgia asks: June Jones was your coach at S.M.U.Did hegive you any advice that might help in your pro football career? Emmanuel Sanders: He is steady giving me advice. He tells me to work hard, be the first one on the field; last one off the field. He is trying to help me. He has been there. He coached in the NFL, he knows what it takes. He is helping me become a better player.

Jerry Beatty in Texas asks: What is it going to be like to learn from Hines Ward and get advice from him?Emmanuel Sanders: It's going to be fun. Hines is one of the smartest players and a future Hall of Famer in my eyes. Just to sit and learn from him, I am going to absorb as much as he tries to teach me. It's definitely a blessing. Most guys get thrown into the fire, but Hines has already done a good job of taking me under his wing and teaching me everything he knows.

Edward Vega in Bakersfield, California asks: Do you feel that you fit in the Steelers offense and what do you bring to the table that makes you feel that way?Emmanuel Sanders: I feel like I fit perfectly. The Steelers run a wide-open offense like I have played in the last four years in college. I have been productive in both systems I played in. I feel like in college I was a play-maker. I can catch a five-yard out and take it to the house. I am a guy who has experience and doesn't mind going over the middle to make a catch.

Jamal L. Young in Brooklyn, New York asks: How would you describe your approach to getting off the line of scrimmage against coverage in the NFL?

Emmanuel Sanders: It's all about technique. There are many steps to beating a guy. Some guys use their athletic ability, which I did in college. But now it's in the NFL. You have to be smart. It's about technique, sending a guy to the outside, moving him over.

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